Maggie Island

We were up bright and early yesterday morning to hop on a Fantasea ferry to take a gander at Magnetic Island. We spent last night here and then as much of today as possible before catching another ferry back to Bertha and Townsville. If you ever come to the East Coast of Australia, Maggie Island… Continue reading Maggie Island

Adelaide River and the joy of waterholes

Ones without crocs, of course

Coober Pedy

We’re making some serious progress on our trip all of a sudden. Welcome to Coober Pedy! We left Wilmington at 8:30 this morning and arrived in CP 7 hours later (should’ve been 6 but Bertha isn’t so nippy in her old age). Treated myself to some crackerbread and hummus for tea and now we’re both… Continue reading Coober Pedy

Lacking in 3G

Not posting much at present as I’m currently living in a shoebox (affectionately named) in the middle of the bush and there isn’t any phone service, let alone 3G. We have to drive about 10 minutes just to get a weak signal: so here I am reporting live from the side of the road. I’m… Continue reading Lacking in 3G