A blog of 2 parts #2

Part 2: for those of naff pancreas


Road to Remember

This is hot off the press, although you won’t be reading it until tomorrow and by then the wonderful Sue will be back on her merry way! A and I just met an absolutely inspirational lady who’s walking 4,500km from Melbourne to Geraldton in WA. All it took was a 3 hour flight to get… Continue reading Road to Remember

NDSS and the Postal System

My NDSS card is here! It arrived a couple of days ago but in Victoria, whereas I’m currently in SA. So in my case it took about 3-4 weeks for the card to arrive. Keep that in mind when sending off your application as it would be better if you’re still at the address you… Continue reading NDSS and the Postal System

Stunning Beachport and Underwhelming Robe

No filter necessary for this gorgeous scenery! A and I spent yesterday in Beachport, being tourists and therefore completing the scenic tourist drive along the coast. The sun was shining, and even though I was wrapped up at first, I was soon jacket-less and dipping my toes into the sea.  A joined in, and we… Continue reading Stunning Beachport and Underwhelming Robe

Lacking in 3G

Not posting much at present as I’m currently living in a shoebox (affectionately named) in the middle of the bush and there isn’t any phone service, let alone 3G. We have to drive about 10 minutes just to get a weak signal: so here I am reporting live from the side of the road. I’m… Continue reading Lacking in 3G