National Parks

I'm currently sat furiously typing this blog while being eaten alive (no exaggeration) by mosquitos. Even our super citronella burner cannot combat their inevitable arrival each evening.
We're in Kakadu National Park! Litchfield NP was crossed off the list yesterday as we left Darwin to restart our to-do list that was interrupted before we saw Katherine Gorge by Bertha having a solar-powered problem. The weather here is furiously hot, a crazy 37 degrees. I love the tropical scenery of the Northern Territory but flip me sideways the heat and mosquitos will not be missed! We sweated so much sleeping in Bertha last night that it's outside for us tonight! A has rigged the box mosquito net to the awning, dragged the mattress out and we're good to go.

The picture above is of the beautiful Florence Falls in Litchfield NP, we spent a couple of hours visiting the gorgeous waterholes and falls there. Our next stop is Cairns, but we're taking our time to get there so we can go back to being tourists for a while. We've spent the last couple of weeks working on a fish farm and we were well looked after by our hosts! 🐟
Anyway, time for a shower as the mosquitos are getting the better of me, goodnight!

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