Adelaide River

When we came to Australia, Mr Athletic was dead against fishing. Hosts would offer him a rod and he was quick to turn it away- how times have changed! After a great day fishing on Corroboree billabong, when the current host asked if we'd like to go fishing today he couldn't say yes fast enough. When we went to buy some bait, I found him wandering around the rods with an idea of fishing while we're travelling Oz… I'm not quite sold on trying to get a rod around in one piece along with all the other rigmarole! He's still a big pansy when it comes to touching the fish ("I want gloves!") but he's getting the hang of catching them. This means I'm the chief of unhooking the poor things!
Today was spent in various sections of the Adelaide River, casting nets and seeing what we could find. Tomorrow is our last working day here before we leave on Monday for Litchfield National Park, back on the road for some sightseeing!

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