Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Had a fabulous few hours in Darwin today at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Tried things from as many different stalls as possible: squid, octopus, paleo cake, deep fried Mars Bar, yiros, crocodile spring rolls and various juices and smoothies left us ready to roll back into Bertha! I also bagged myself an awesome taxidermised cane toad keyring, because who wouldn't?
The picture was taken at about 4:30pm, before the market opened. By 7pm this place was heaving. It's a massive tourist hit and I can't deny if I was a local, I'd be visiting here plenty!
It's Darwin's 66th annual show tomorrow so we're gonna hit that up before museum-ing ourselves on Saturday. So far, loving the Darwin life! It's not a minging urban sprawl, and as we're staying in Howard Springs (where Chris Hemsworth went to primary school, sigh) we're still nice and rural.
Sussed out the basal insulin issue too (hopefully!) so yay for all the good stuff 👌🏼

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