Adelaide River and the joy of waterholes

Our plans to head to Katherine Gorge and see what the national park had to offer were cut short when Bertha decided to have a battery issue (soon to be resolved, nothing major, blame the guy we bought her from 🙄) but that was 5 days ago! We’re now close to Adelaide River township- well we’re actually sat at the Adelaide River Inn as I type- but our base is with a young family we got in touch with via Helpx and were kind enough to let us stay a couple of days sooner than planned when Bertha was having problems.

We work 4 hours a day for them in exchange for food and accommodation and we are knackered. They’re building their very own self sufficient paradise with homegrown everything: pawpaw, bananas, turmeric, sweet leaf… it’s amazing going out into the garden and picking what you need for dinner as you’re preparing it. The tropical climate up here is great for growing all kinds of fancy things that we can only buy in supermarkets back home! The heat here is the killer though. It makes me unbearable to sleep next to (in A’s opinion) and plays havoc with my sugar levels. Well, I say that but I’m being dramatic. I’ve just spat my dummy out because I’m so used to having great blood glucose control but now I’m up north I’m going to bed with normal bloods, only to wake up the next morning with hyperglycaemia. Pretty frustrating as other than the mysterious dawn phenomenon I’m out of ideas as to what is happening. Trying a new technique of injecting my basal insulin in 2 different sittings 12 hours apart. The thought behind this is maybe I’m using it up faster due to the warmer weather, although then I’d expect to hypo, something that hasn’t really happened much here. Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud!

Other than that we’re both still all okay over here! We’re warm, 36 degrees is not as fun when coupled with the humidity of the Northern Territory. The flora and fauna here is truly fantastic though: butterflies, lizards, we saw our first snake (woo!) as well as plenty of cane toads- which really are as revolting as everyone makes out. Sick of the flies and being bitten by the evil lime-arsed ants that find my armpit a great place to chow down. Turns out if you kill them, you can eat their back end so I might start benefitting from the attacks they put me through.

We’ve been making the most of the croc-free waterholes on the property of our current hosts, it’s bliss to jump in and relax for a while before showering off the grime of the day. The picture above is of one such waterhole. The hosts have also given us an insight into the best ways to cool off in the local area, such as a dip in Robin Falls! A and I timed it perfectly and ended up with the little pool at the base of the waterfall all to ourselves for a good hour, it was glorious!

Hope you’re all living the good life!

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