Northern Territory

Our days are on the up again! After a brief naff spell we’re now enjoying the thermal pools in Mataranka. We’re camping out at Bitter Springs for a couple of nights and it is b-e-a-utiful! We saw the Devil’s Marbles yesterday near Wycliffe Well (UFO capital of Australia, because somewhere has to be!) and after losing our workaway placement I’ve got to admit we’re both pretty glad to be rid of the commitment. We’ve now got a steady ten days to get to Darwin, with plenty to see on the way!

We didn’t realise just how much we’ve been rushing to get to different places until now. The opportunity to stop and admire things is something we hadn’t had until this point, so now we’re making the most of it. The plan from now to is to get to Katherine, see the gorges, then more gorges in Kakadu and Lichfield national parks. It’s so tropical up here. In the last 2000km we’ve left behind 20 degree days and freezing nights to arrive in 33 degree days and 18 degree nights! I’m determined to tan but the Factor 50 lotion probably isn’t doing me any favours in that department!

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